About the Author

Manvinder is basically an educationist, has been teaching English and Psychology for more than 15 years. Her childhood memories spring back from Chandigarh, where she was born and brought up. She did her Post Graduation from Punjab University, Chandigarh. Currently, she is settled in Ludhiana, Punjab.

The fascinating world of Spirituality has always allured Manvinder. While teaching her students, she felt that youngsters feel that this topic is not for them; contrastingly, she felt they are the ones who need to be made aware of this enticing world. Knowing Spirituality not only refines the journey beyond but, most importantly, guides us about the right way of living our lives.

Apart from this, Manvinder loves to write short fictional stories and is currently working on a writing project of short love stories. She also guides and helps the wannabe authors who aim to write a book of their own.

Manvinder takes online writing workshops for aspiring and budding writers to nurture their dreams. Teenagers and youngsters have loads of ideas that need to be accepted and custom guided to be able shaped into a well-made story. This is precisely what is being done in this workshop, which is why they are named “Wings to Imagination”, another one of her dream projects.