Manvinder Kaur

This book takes you on the journey of spiritualism with subtle steps. Your perceptions and beliefs may be challenged and questioned in this book, but isn’t that what is spirituality all about?

Unravelling and destroying the old belief patterns and understanding and adapting to the new progressive concepts- is what defines the essence of spirituality.

The topics covered in the book are most talked about, i.e. God, our own self, your Guru, your karmas, the spiritualistic ways, healing yourself and so on. The readers will have a fresh perspective on these subjects leading them to introspection.

This book primarily focuses on the younger generation as they think that spirituality is not for their age. Still, they will delve deep into the simple and lucid manner of “Uploading God” into their systems and personality.

The last chapter is the author’s most chosen one as it is a heart to heart conversation with God where all the doubts get cleared, and all the answers are sought.
The author aims to reach out to the reader’s heart as there is where God actually resides!!

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